Why We Love Two For One (And You Should, Too!)

Have you ever wondered why you love coffee so much? Like, how is it even possible to love coffee so much? I'm going to give you 7 reasons why I absolutely love coffee AND I'm also going to tell you how to get Two for One cappuccino's at what is probably THE best coffee shop in all of Panama.


  1. The Aroma!
    There is no smell I love waking up to more than fresh brewed coffee, or that beautiful aroma when you walk into a coffee shop. There is just something so inviting about the smell of coffee that makes me feel ready to face the day or feel renewed midday. I'm almost positive you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

  2. Its Cultural Character
    Coffee beans are grown all over the world, which means that coffee can be widely diverse. If you’re a lover of coffee because of the taste like I am, then I’m sure you have an appreciation for different origins. From Panama, Ethiopia, to Brazil, to Columbia and beyond …coffee is filled with character and unique qualities.  Now, my dear reader from Panama, you are of course aware that some of the best coffee on the planet is grown right here in our own little paradise.  Check out International Coffee Farms in Boquete, they know a thing or two about coffee.

  3. The Taste
    I love the taste without sugar and with just a touch of milk.  How do you like yours and can you describe your perfect cup of coffee?  Well, there is an entire lexicon behind describing the taste of coffee which I thought was pretty cool:  172 Words to Describe Coffee From the Official Taster’s Flavor Wheel that is some pretty serious stuff!

  4. Coffee is a potent source of healthful antioxidants.
    In fact, coffee shows more antioxidant activity than green tea and cocoa, two antioxidant superstars. Scientists have identified approximately 1,000 antioxidants in unprocessed coffee beans, and hundreds more develop during the roasting process. Numerous studies have cited coffee as a major — and in some cases, the primary — dietary source of antioxidants for its subjects.
    How it works: Antioxidants fight inflammation, an underlying cause of many chronic conditions, including arthritis, atherosclerosis and many types of cancer. They also neutralize free radicals, which occur naturally as a part of everyday metabolic functions, but which can cause oxidative stress that leads to chronic disease. In other words, antioxidants help keep us healthy at the micro-level by protecting our cells from damage. Finally, chlorogenic acid, an important antioxidant found almost exclusively in coffee, is also thought to help prevent cardiovascular disease.  (It's healthy as F***!)

  5. Coffee is healthy for your heart.
    A landmark Dutch study (I love the Dutch even more now laughing), which analyzed data from more than 37,000 people over a period of 13 years, found that moderate coffee drinkers (who consumed between two to four cups daily) had a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease as compared to heavy or light coffee drinkers, and nondrinkers.
    How it works: There is some evidence that coffee may support heart health by protecting against arterial damage caused by inflammation.

  6. It's social
    Yup, I don't know ANYBODY that hasn't had a chat with a friend or a group of friends over a cup of coffee.  It's just a great way to settle down and pay attention to another person.  Especially in a nice coffee shop, it just sets the mood and ambiance perfectly.  This has become a trend in today’s culture – going on coffee dates, meeting up for coffee, etc. Unlike most trends, this is actually a good trend that should stay. Coffee and conversation just make sense.  The warmth of coffee just sets the tone of acceptance and understanding, which is why I believe it’s the most conversational beverage.

  7. You can get Two for One Cappuccino's
    Yes that's right: Two for one cappuccino's at THE BEST (not kidding either), coffee house in Panama.  If you're in the Boquete area, stop by The Perfect Pair specialty coffee & artisanal gourmet chocolate shop and enjoy - Two for One Cappuccino's.  Yup, you see everything I mentioned above fits bloody perfectly with this great place.  So, please go and give them a visit if you're in Boquete and if you've already been there, leave them a review on The Panama Good Times and let everyone else know how awesome they are.  You can go to The Perfect Pairs listing by CLICKING HERE (yeah, just click it).

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