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International Coffee Farms favorite

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  • Sole proprietor
  • +507 520-2269
  • Plaza Los Establos Boquete
  • International Coffee Farms (ICFC) was established in June 2014 in Panama. 

    As our byline says, we provide Sustainable Income through Offshore Specialty Agriculture. 

    Utilizing our very knowledgeable team of local experts and “boots on the ground” experience, we identify under-performing, under-capitalized commercial coffee farms, in areas where they have all the natural attributes necessary to produce amazing Specialty Coffee.

    We perform our own very strict due diligence to identify the right farms to bring into the ICFC portfolio. Once these farms are identified we negotiate a fair price under our specific terms and conditions and acquire the farm.

    We then subdivide these farms into individually deeded half-acre (2,000 square meters) parcels and offer individuals the opportunity to participate in the future success of these farms by owning some of these coffee farm parcels.

    We then proceed to turn these farms around over a 3 to 5 year period. One of the practices involved is rotating out old, unhealthy trees which are expensive to maintain and that have passed their production peak, with new, strong saplings of the most in demand varietals in the Specialty Coffee Market today.

    We implement modern farming practices and machinery to improve the quality of the coffee and also the working conditions of our workers.

    We built our own state-of-the-art, on-site coffee processing plant so we can control the processing from seed to green bean ready for export, producing amazing, traceable, single-origin coffee that is in high demand today.

    We provide improved living and working conditions for the native Indian Panamanian Ngobe-Bugle workers and their families. 

    Facility upgrades include a new septic system, modern sanitary, shower and laundry facilities, new mattresses, new gas-fired kitchen, new roofs that don’t leak and a brightly painted, fumigated building to live in.

    In our first year of operations starting January 2015, we acquired 5 coffee farms totalling around 34 hectares (85 acres) and in 2016 we acquired 4 more farms totalling around 52 hectares (130) acres

    Come and join us on our journey!!