Why Visit Panama In 8 Minutes

I was in Panama for 4 weeks. Here are some of my favorite days in 8 minutes

Panama is one of my favorite countries – it was my fourth time there in fact! And every bit as sweet as the last times.

Panama is a small country, with a big culture, and a people with even bigger hearts. If you go there, you'll get to see this...

• Amazing history
• Amazing festivals – and NOT just carnival – they run year-round and are always fun (Panamanians love having a good time!)
• Amazing coffee and food amongst the breathtaking landscape – I love hojaldres
• The city that has everything – not just amazing architecture. With nearly 2 million people...you're sure to make friends!
• Unlimited fun, affordably priced!

...and so much more! And I didn't even talk about the nature here...(the biologist in me is highly disappointed haha)

That's all for now, now go visit Panama!

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